ISQUARE  Offers a range of solutions in the areas of competence of its human resources, in accordance with its development strategy and with its values. The ISQUARE Company adapts its solutions to the needs of its customers. 

ISQUARE Company is a private actor bringing a complement to the services provided by the other national public or private parties. It brings a solid addition in the invested areas.
We are a fully integrated service provider deeply rooted ideation, in engineering, design and construction capabilities 

      Project set-up and development 

      ISQUARE  supports investors, in particular manufacturers and real estate developers, in correctly defining the project from its inception.

      • Feasibility studies (commercial, economic, technical and financial.

      • Technical and financial assembly.

      • Support for the investment decision based on relevant criteria.

      • Preliminary studies.

      • Establishment of study specifications.

      • Support for setting up the financing structure of the project.

      • Administrative support.

      • Land support.

      • Constitution of the internal and external project team.

      • Initial planning of the project.

      Delegated project Authority

      Acting in place of and on behalf of the Client, takes care of the administrative, technical, financial and commercial aspects. 

      The company thus makes all its human and logistical resources available to carry out its project. 

      The company Isquare shares with the Owner the responsibility for the project partially or entirely according to the contract.

      The delegated Contracting Authority makes it possible to optimize these costs relating to the project, in particular the fixed costs of the structure of the Contracting Authority.


      Assistance to Project Owners

      This mission can relate to a number of technical aspects, which allows the client to focus on the strategic management of the project.

      We bring our expertise and our experience feedback to help the client decide by providing scientific and relevant elements of analysis.

      We facilitate the management of the technical stakeholders of the project and we assist him in order to accept the deliverables and the missions carried out by the external stakeholders and to monitor and accept the achievements of the works or equipment companies.


      Within the framework of the turnkey realization, the company Isquare can combine design, study and realization. 

      In this embodiment, we provide the investor with all our technical expertise and our experience feedback from our structure and our teams.

      By opting for the turnkey construction method, the Client achieves significant savings in terms of time and costs.

      Ultimately, the Client manages the relationship with one unit who remains his only interlocutor and takes sole responsibility for the project.

       Smart design and project optimization

      ISQUARE can intervene to carry out an overall review of the project with a view to optimizing and improving its financial profitability or reducing financial losses.

      The project review work is based on a scientific approach aimed at optimizing its content, as well as the conditions for its implementation.

      This is an iterative process carried out over several stages in full collaboration with the client. The tools used are:

      • Smart design: review of the initial design in order to maximize the value of the project and reduce losses

      • Value engineering: Review of technical studies to optimize project costs without reducing its value.

      • Project breakdown structure: Review of project breakdown by grouping or separating lots in order to optimize sourcing and project purchases

      • Review of project planning: Optimization of the phasing of project implementation taking into account the rate of marketing or production orders. This can improve the financing structure of the project and thus reduce its financial costs.

      Marketing and sales of programs

      • Product review.

      • Sales strategy development.

      • Marketing strategy development.

      • Sales mangement.

      • Delivery mangement.